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Rent wheel loaders

Wheel loader

CAT 918M

Operating weight9,5 t
Bucket capacity1,9 m³
Engine power86 kW
Wheel loader

CAT 930M

Operating weight14,0 t
Bucket capacity2,5 m³
Engine power122 kW
Wheel loader

CAT 938M

Operating weight16,4 t
Bucket capacity2,9 m³
Engine power140 kW
Wheel loader

CAT 962M

Operating weight20,3 t
Bucket capacity3,8 m³
Engine power186 kW
Wheel loader

CAT 972M

Operating weight26,2 t
Bucket capacity5,0 m³
Engine power224 kW
Wheel loader

Hitachi ZW180

Operating weight15,0 t
Bucket capacity3,1 m³
Engine power126 kW
Wheel loader

Hitachi ZW310-6

Operating weight24,6 t
Bucket capacity4,5 m³
Engine power212 kW
Wheel loader

Volvo L30G

Operating weight5,5 t
Bucket capacity1 m³
Engine power55 kW
Wheel loader

Volvo L50H

Operating weight9,5 t
Bucket capacity1,6 m³
Engine power87 kW
Wheel loader

Volvo L60H

Operating weight13,6 t
Bucket capacity5,0 m³
Engine power123 kW
Wheel loader

Volvo L70H

Operating weight15,5 t
Bucket capacity6,4 m³
Engine power127 kW
Wheel loader

Volvo L90H

Operating weight17,3 t
Bucket capacity7,0 m³
Engine power137 kW
Wheel loader

Volvo L110H

Operating weight20,7 t
Bucket capacity9,5 m³
Engine power191 kW
Wheel loader

Volvo L120H

Operating weight21,6 t
Bucket capacity9,5 m³
Engine power203 kW
Wheel loader

Volvo L150H

Operating weight25,6 t
Bucket capacity14 m³
Engine power224 kW

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Rent wheel loaders
for industry and recycling

The wheel loader is a true jack-of-all-trades and is ideally suited for use as a handling or industrial machine, for instance in combination with a high-tipping shovel. Its many qualities include outstanding static stability, an ability to carry heavy loads, extreme maneuverability and extraordinary thrust and lifting power.

At ROCKBIRD you can rent exactly the right wheel loader for your needs, thereby enhancing your flexibility and efficiency. We will be happy to offer you independent advice and are not tied to any one manufacturer.