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Rent walking floor trailers

Walking floor trailers

Knapen K100

Max. weight allowed36 t
Volume89,2 m³
Length13,6 m
Walking floor trailers


Max. weight allowed39 t
Volume92,5 m³
Length13,5 m

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Rent walking floor trailers
for efficient transport

Moving floor trailers are used to transport goods by truck, for example in sectors such as recycling, waste disposal or the timber industry. Together with a powerful tractor unit with a comfortable driver’s cab for long-distance transport, the trailer offers efficient transport of bulk goods, even over longer distances. The so-called walking floor, also known as a sliding floor, is a hydraulically driven, moving floor made of aluminum boards on castors that is used in conveyor and vehicle technology. Due to the seamless structure of the floor, general cargo pallets as well as bulk goods can be moved automatically and thus unloaded conveniently and dosed without a tipping device. Our truck trailers with walking floor from Knapen or Stas have a volume of around 90 cubic meters and are often used in rental for transporting wood chips and similar materials. The walking floor trailers are loaded from above and then covered and secured with an automatic roll-up tarpaulin.

At ROCKBIRD you can rent the walking floor trailer that is right for your fleet and, if you wish, the best semi-trailer tractor at the same time. The trailers Knapen K100 and STAS 300ZX with volume-optimized cargo space have proven themselves. Request an offer now and benefit from more flexibility and efficiency.