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Increase your flexibility, your speed as well as your cost and planning security with our application-related and manufacturer-independent rental models – choose between a flexible short-term lease, a long-term lease coordinated in detail with us, or a rent-to-purchase arrangement. Experience the advantages of ROCKBIRD RENT.

In our rental fleet, you will find a large selection of construction and handling machinery and commercial vehicles. Simply select the category you are looking for:


There are numerous offers on the market for rental, leasing and other “full-service packages” for construction machinery and commercial vehicles. However, the differences in the actual scope of services, possible additional costs and responsibilities are often greater than is apparent at first glance. We experience this on a daily basis in our discussions with managers of medium-sized companies in the recycling, industry and waste disposal sectors, as well as in municipalities and local authorities. Whether managing director, plant manager or fleet manager: they all have numerous questions in this “jungle of offers”. For example, about delivery, financing and guarantees in the event of damage, but also about replacement offers in the event of breakdown or maintenance. Especially if they have no or only a small workshop and want to avoid longer downtimes of machines and commercial vehicles, many companies are looking for a reliable and plannable solution.

ROCKBIRD focuses on classic rental offers. In this we are strong, some of our customers even say “unbeatable”. Because they know exactly what they are getting. As the landlord, we bear the responsibility and ensure the availability of the rental properties. You have planning security and minimize costs and risks. And most importantly, your fleet never stands idle for long. Whether short-term or long-term rental, whether individual modules or complete solutions: We always have top rental offers available from our manufacturer-independent rental fleet, for example for material handlers, wheel loaders, skip loaders or roll-off tippers.

Here you will find answers to your questions (FAQ) >>



So that renting is economical and comfortable for you.


We make it simple for you. To make the strengths of our rental transparent to you, we have summarized the most important advantages for tenants at ROCKBIRD:

  • As landlord, we assume responsibility for rights, risks and obligations. You have one contract and contact person and do not have to worry about anything.
  • We are liable in case of damage or failure of the rental product. You will receive a replacement product.
  • We rent as good as new machines and commercial vehicles to you. If necessary, we take over repairs and take care of maintenance. We provide a replacement machine or a replacement attachment in case of failure of the rental product. You have as little downtime as possible in your processes.
  • We coordinate processes with suppliers, e.g. for maintenance and mandatory appointments. You concentrate on your day-to-day business.
  • We clarify warranty, goodwill and damage claims with the insurance company. You reduce your administrative expenses.
  • You get 100% transparency and security in the costs. We also calculate special equipment for you at no extra charge.
  • We cover the cost of maintenance and damage – except for violent damage and damage to parts in contact with the ground. You have it easy and bear no other risks.
  • We train and coach your users in the course of instruction and make them fit for the proper handling of construction machinery and commercial vehicles. You reduce your costs for consequences of improper use.
  • We are always up to date for you, take into account provisions or regulations with foresight, know new models and secure the best conditions from the manufacturers.
  • We like to answer your questions >>Rental FAQs

Rent now and benefit